Brenda Jonker

Brenda Jonker is an experienced textile artist, both in her free work and in her applied craft. She is a master in combining certain printing techniques with screenprinting in order to construct sculpture-like forms that appear still and free flowing at the same time.

Because nature is a permanent source of inspiration for her designs, the viewer is reminded of organic forms such as plants, sea animals, vulcanic stone, grasses, soil, floral and fossils. Brenda’s custom made textile constructions like drapes, light sources, and ceiling covers will transform any interior into art. Brenda Jonker takes the viewer on a journey through an organic landscape that seems familiar, yet leads its own life.

Carolien Wissing

Carolien Wissing makes beautiful paintings in a sober color palette in which we can recognize her love of the architecture of big buildings. She does not replicate these images but recreates them into compositions so that the viewer is almost ‘sucked inside’.

You feel the presence of these massive structures as if you were taking part in the painting yourself.

Carolien’s paintings have a stark beauty that are both intriguing and disquieting at the same time.


Rodney en Enver recently became chocolate makers. Why? Just because the making of fresh chocolate is the most fun and tasteful thing there is!

They look for small amounts of organic cocoa beans of special quality and buy these beans directly from the farmers for a good price. Then the whole process of selecting the beans, making of nibs, grinding, conching, tempering and picking the best recipe for their chocolate is yet to begin… Curious for the result? Taste this delicacy yourself!

Hannah Kockx

Hannah Kockx, painter and etcher, has developed her own etching style. She creates special effects by manipulating the plates with colors before the print and perfects the artwork by coloring in by hand afterwards. Every piece of work is unique and done

with precision.

“Work can never be too methodical. It has to have the atmosphere of a meeting that takes place by coincidence. The dry needle is an engraver ‘par excellance’. It is as pure as the virgin voice of a singer or as smooth as the traces in the ice left by the skater as he passes by”.

Hannah Kockx, also a known drama teacher in the Netherlands, transforms sound into silence in both her subtle and mesmerizing paintings and etchings. She lives and works in Amsterdam and has shown her work internationally for more than 30 years.

Kathalijne Hes

Figurative, abstract, dynamic and always dramatic. Kathalijne is a spontaneous painter who works on a series at a time and sometimes the series has a theme. Her paintings emit strength and passion because of the way she builds up texture in her canvasses. Her works are very diverse. Despite this diversity, her own style remains in tact. Her use of mixed media and pigment gives surprising depth even when it is nearly form-free. Her recent work is composed of large canvasses that will enhance any interior. Even her most abstract paintings tell a story. Kathalijne Hes makes work that moves you!

Marco Rooth

Rooth started his career as a ceramicist in 1973. In 1978 he lived and worked in Paris in the studio of Albert Diàtó. (ceramicist and painter).For him it was but a small step from creating ceramic tableaus to painting on panels and ultimately onto canvas. His paintings are built up of oxides and sand, an effect left over from his ceramic period. His work is called abstract expressionism, yet has figurative elements.

His desire to make the invisible, visible is at the heart of his work. He emphasizes the apparently unimportant details of life, lights them up and freezes them in time. That is what makes them visible. Realism, as in photography, is sometimes his underlying vantage point for creating an abstract image, a production design, a film, or a television drama. Marco’s work radiates his own astonishment and a special way of viewing the world. Memories, emotions, reflections or perhaps a mix of all of these are responsible for creating the new images. Currently, Rooth is working on new exhibitions in Amsterdam and Portugal.

Marco Rooth has had several shows in The Netherlands and abroad including (o.a. W139) | Moskou | Florence | and in Caminha (P). as well as solo-exhibitions in Amsterdam | Haarlem | Delft | IJmuiden | and in Portugal: Porto | CoÏmbra | Serpa | Ponte de Lima | Maia | Caminha.

Marianne Meuwese

After seeing the collection of Marianne’s paintings, I asked myself: Are these landscapes real or pure fantasy? How does she get these fascinating textures? How are these colors
mixed? Why do I feel this strong emotion and spirituality within her work and does she intend for me to feel this?

Come have a look yourself and experience her poetic artwork.

Marieke Hunze

In my work, I am inspired and use images or small events from my daily surroundings. For example balconies from back gardens of my neighbours, our Dutch square landscapes or even the swimming classes. Whatever catches my eye like passengers in exotic outfits, a mother pulling her child in the right direction or shopping teenagers. Colors, patterns and light are the elements that I try to catch in my paintings. I filter these structures into new images just as I experience them. With that I hope to inspire my viewer and let them get to know my experience of daily life.

Monica van Rijn

Monica van Rijn, visual artist and founder of Dutch Art Tours, will be your hostess during the tour. Her paintings are all about passion, peop

le, and places including emotional themes about wandering and homecoming. Besides paintings she makes objects she calls ‘Art Safes’with hidden compartments behind her paintings. She regularly exhibits her work in Europe and abroad. She is Dutch born, yet lived in the United States for 25 years. Monica has an atelier and showroom on the DUTCH ART TOURS site in Amsterdam North.

Paul Salet

All things must pass, all structures are instable.

Everything that has been will return, but in a different shape, phase or life.

Time does not go by without leaving a mark and that’s where true value can be found.

That what seems to be useless, what’s been thrown away and old , is a starting point for my work.

I am not looking for these things as I wander in online slots my time, casino pa natet I find them along the road , on the beach and in woods. My tables, chairs and closets are ‘art in use’. In them one detects earlier use, life and the scars of time passed by. My statues and objects are all about the lightness of being, even in difficult times.