DAT Experience

Coffee workshop in Party Tram from the sixties

A DUTCH ART TOUR is  unique. Each studio we visit differs from the next.  No two tours are the same because artists have irregular schedules.  DAT artists are happy to welcome DAT visitors into their personal surroundings in order to take you beyond the viewing of art, to the touching and feeling level of appreciation. You will actually learn about what it is you like and dislike, and why. It is possible to purchase both large and small art souvenirs along the way.  there is something for everyone to see underway  for any inspirational occasion:

 Art lovers and collectors who love to meet artists at work and purchase authentic art.
Companies and management who wish take pure inspiration and  original artwork back to the work floor.
– Art Tourists, clubs and friends who want to shop and acquire real art souvenirs from the locals they meet. Join us close the gap between viewing, loving and buying art!

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