Get an intimate peek behind the scenes of local artists, designers and artisans while they are at work. The North banks of Amsterdam is hot because of its industrial heritage and striking surroundings. That’s is why many artists come here for inspiration.  Nothing here is dressed up for visitors. Dutch Art Tours (DAT) welcomes your group on a private guided tour to meet the artists at times convenient to you both. Prepare to see the world through the eyes of established and budding artists and view original artwork in the making, long before it reaches the galleries and museums. Hear about their passions, talk about their work, see their studios and more.

For the first time an art walk has been made accessible to businesses, groups and art tourists during the week and all year round!  Join us on a DAT experience with the  contemporary Van Goghs and Rembrandts of our day!  Purchasing art directly from the artist will enrich your appreciation of the art you collect and authenticity is guaranteed!