Paula Evers

Paula Evers is a self-taught painter who was born in Bergen, North Holland. She started drawing as a child and later switched to painting in oils and acrylics. She works spontaneously without the use of sketches and without an intended subject matter. Yet, within her seemingly abstract compositions lie recognizable forms and figures. Her work is most known for her poetic use of color and the delicate, but striking silhouettes that appear to be communicating with one another. She also developed an abstract style in which we see symbolism from antiquity. Paula is an established, popular artist who shows her work all over the world.

Yolanda Döpp


Yolanda Döpp designs unique jewelry that can be sold overall in the Netherlands.

Her jewelry is sleek, well finished, striking and highly fashionable.

Yolanda produces new collections twice a year from her design studio in Amsterdam. Her unique style is always recognizable, allowing her jewelry to be combined in many beautiful combinations.

Yon Nicolas

Yon Nicolas is a graduate from a Dutch Art academy in Breda. She started her career 55 years ago in America. She was one of the those lucky few who could earn a living as a commercial artist. Since then, she developed herself in many ways and experimented with many artistic disciplines. Ultimately she created a unique abstract style of painting with a refreshing use of color and form. She has changed styles along the way because she abhors repeating herself. Therefore, she continually explores the upper limits of fascination. She has a light hearted approach to painting, yet her paintings emit drama and substance and never bore you. Yon has been showing her work in the Netherlands and elsewhere for several decades.



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